Menopause and My Skin

Discover the journey the skin goes through during the menopause. Learn about the myriad of changes that occur within the body during the menopause, and how it ultimately affects your skin. An open discussion as to the options available to improve skin health during the peri-menopause and the menopause. To understand the stages of menopause, [...]

Boost Your Business with the OBSERV®520x

Learn how incorporating the OBSERV®520x into your skincare consultations can lead to an increase in sales of more than 35%, including an increase in treatment sales, skincare sales and customer satisfaction.* *Source: InnoFaith Beauty Sciences Learn how the OBSERV® 520x works, and how it integrates within your skincare consultation, including: Visibly illustrating skin concernsClear skin [...]

Skin Anatomy

This course aims to give practitioners knowledge on skin anatomy and skin health so that they can make appropriate skincare plans for patients. To understand the different layers of the skinTo understand the skin cell functionsTo understand the anatomy of skin cells and their functionTo understand how different conditions can impact the skin barrier

Obagi Nu-Derm®

Transform your patient’s skin with the #1 physician-dispensed skincare system that helps correct hyperpigmentation and improve visible signs of skin ageing. Suitable for all Fitzpatrick I-VI skin types. It is required that a listed medical prescriber for the account attends this training before, or at the same time as, their other clinic staff.Obagi Medical products cannot [...]

Obagi®: The Complete Range

The second course in our Obagi catalogue is aimed at the practitioner already using Obagi Medical Products in clinic, but who wants to know how Obagi Medical Products can be incorporated with other in-clinic treatments for a more holistic approach to skincare. This course also covers all the products in the Obagi Range outside of [...]


Join our clinical team for this specialist skin session. We'll dive deep into the theory, explaining what P.acnes is and how it causes acne, as well as looking at how key ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A) can help to clear pores and manage breakouts. Learn what can trigger [...]


This specialist skin session covers everything you need to know about treating patients with Hyperpigmentation. Learn about the types of pigmentationLearn about what causes HyperpigmentationUnderstand the Fitzpatrick Scale for skin colour and how this factors into how prone people can be of pigment disordersUnderstand the Classification PathwaysLearn how it effects the function of the skin [...]


Join our clinical experts for this in-depth and informative specialist skin session where you'll learn how to treat patients for the common inflammatory skin condition known as rosacea. Understand what rosacea is, including its classification and diagnosis Learn how the skin responds to certain diseases Understand the pathophysiology Learn the anatomy of the epidermis Learn [...]

Obagi® Best Practice

This specialist session reviews the protocols in the Obagi Systems and how to avoid and manage complications with an emphasis on a robust consultation Learn about the best protocols to use on patients. Understand why complications may occur and how they can be managed. Understand how to restore our natural beauty and skin health.