LIVE with Epicutis

Join Founder and CEO, Maxwell Stock, and Lisa Johnson, SVP of Global Sales and Corporate Development at Epicutis, for a LIVE session introducing a skincare line designed for professionals.
Ideal for use before, during, and after treatments, discover how Epicutis can increase your business.
This is an interactive session with questions encouraged.

About Maxwell
Maxwell Stock grew up in the lab where he first became enamoured with science and the idea of helping people improve their health using science-based approaches. Author of numerous patents, scientific publications, and founder of Signum Biosciences he utilizes this scientific foundation to guide Signum’s product development and commercialization

About Lisa
Lisa Johnson began her career in medicine spending 15 years working for an esteemed medical practice focused on vascular surgery and aesthetics in Boise, Idaho where she integrated skincare products with laser treatments and other cosmetic procedures. Lisa’s expertise is particularly suited to accelerate the convergence of aesthetics and next generation skincare products which lie at the center of the Epicutis’ line.

Learning Objectives:
– Ask Epicutis your questions
– Dive into the detail of Epicutis
– Patient profiling
– How to enhance treatments with Epicutis