Jan Marini Skin Research

Jan Marini Skin Research Learning Flow:

Step 1: Online learning – Jan Marini Skin Research® Product Training
In this session you will have an overview & background with Jan Marini Skin Research Brand, Product Knowledge, Skin Care Management System, Accelerators, Supplementals, Enzyme Facials & Progressive Glycolic Peels.

Step 2: Marini Facial Protocols, Step by Step Instructions – Jan Marini Skin Research® Facial Protocols: Step-by-Step Instructions
In video you will be watch a demonstration of one of the 4 JMSR facial protocols. This utilises Clean Zyme Face Cleanser & Skin Zyme Face Mask for resurfacing.

•Step 3: Marini Glycolic Resurfacing Protocol, Step by Step Instructions – Jan Marini Skin Research® Glycolic Resurfacing Protocols: Step-by-Step Instructions
In this video you watch one of the 8 JMSR Glycolic Resurfacing Protocols. This utilises either the 40% Gel Exfoliator or 70% Gel Peel for resurfacing. 

•Step 4: To attend our in-academy training please click on the link to access. Jan Marini Skin Research- Core Training
For continued education to give you more information further education videos are below.