Clever Clinic – Obagi Tool Specialist Session

Introducing the best thing since sliced bread: the NEW Obagi ToolTM for Clever Clinic. Join our expert for this dedicated webinar, where you’ll learn how to create individual treatment plans, use the Clever Clinic web application to manage patients, prices and much more. We’ll also be covering: Managing photographsRemote consultingSecurityNEW: SMS reminders Plus, we’ll show [...]

Clever Clinic: Clinic Set Up and Patient Management

Are you ready to make the move to Clever Clinic from your old system? Already using Clever Clinic but need more guidance on how to set up and import patients? Join our expert for this dedicated webinar, where you’ll see how easy it is to manage your clinic and patients with Clever Clinic! We’ll be [...]

Clever Clinic: Invoicing, Finance and Analytics

Did you know? Clever Clinic is a fully-functioning clinical management tool – and it’s free! Join our expert for this dedicated webinar, where you’ll explore in depth how to use Clever Clinic to manage patient invoices and payments, as well as how to use the Clever Analytics function. You will also learn: The difference between [...]

Clever Clinic: Repeat, Review and Following Up

Did you know? Not only is Clever Clinic the aesthetic industry’s first app developed with compliance in mind, it also has the power to make your life easier AND save time! Join our expert for this dedicated webinar, where you’ll learn how to use the the Repeat and Review consultation flow to make your clinical [...]

Complications Management

The Complications Management in Injectables course is aimed at medical practitioners who deliver aesthetic injectable treatments to clinics. The course will enable to practitioners to understand what may cause complications to arise, how to prevent them from arising and also how to manage a complication should one appear. We also include protocols for practice, which [...]

Diamond Tip Dermalinfusion

Transform your patient’s skin with a Dermalinfusion treatment plan that can target a range of skin concerns including: blemishes, hyperpigmentation, dull skin and signs of skin ageing. Join our Clinical Team for a deeper look at the science behind these skin conditions and how to treat them using Dermalinfusion and exclusive Diamond Tips. Suitable for [...]

Dr. LEVY Switzerland®: Brand Introduction and Product Overview

Dr. LEVY Switzerland® contains the revolutionary patented ArganCellActiv® complex, a combination of 10 ultra potent anti-ageing & hydrating molecules. This award winning brand exclusively includes Argan CDV, a plant-derived stem cell activator scientifically proven to vitalise dermal stem cells - the source of the skin’s natural wrinkle fighting cells.This webinar includes a full brand introduction [...]

Dr. LEVY Switzerland®: Product Packages

Ending 30th August 2020: Dr LEVY Switzerland At-Home Packages With four packages to choose from - SkinTransformation, Flawless, Wrinkle Smoother and Time Machine - this webinar will help you understand the differences between each package to support an at-home protocol that can be ordered direct to your patients door. Learn about the current at-home protocols [...]

Dr. LEVY Switzerland®: Trial Set: 6 Week Exclusive

dr levy logo-300-300
Ending 31st October 2020: The Dr LEVY Switzerland® Trial Kit - this webinar will help you understand the contents of this mini kit, the protocol for use, and guidance on how to introduce Dr LEVY products to your patients. Don’t forget Dr LEVY products can be ordered direct to your patients door. Learn about the [...]

ELASTIderm® Collection

For firmer, more resilient-looking skin. Learn all about how the ELASTIderm® collection can help restore lift, snap and resilience around the eyes and give your face and neck the 'bounce back'. Discover ELASTIderm® Eye products and ELASTIderm® Facial Serum, the most clinically studied Obagi Medical Product in 10 yearsUnderstand the terminology of elastin, collagen and [...]