The Science Behind the HIFU Time Machine

This workshop is aimed at beginners to HIFU, or practitioners looking to refresh and upgrade their knowledge. Based around the exclusive ULTRAcel Q+ linear shot technology, this course will compare the traditional dot mode to the new linear mode. What is HIFU?New Exclusive Technology with ULTRAcel Q+Dot vs LinearTreatment Indications and ProtocolsClinical StudiesReturn on Investment

The Science of Ageing Skin

An insight into how genetic, endogenous and environmental factors play a complex and multifactorial role in ageing. Learn about the difference between Fitzpatrick skin types and the ageing process Understand the key characteristics of skin ageing Understand the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic ageing Learn about the physiological impacts of UV exposure Understand the impact [...]


The webinar will discuss the science of hypochlorous acid as a treatment product to assist the clinician to avoid complications (infection, acute and sub-acute inflammation and PIH) when they perform invasive skin treatments.  It will also cover the benefits of long-term use of hypochlorous acid and its role in the control of inflammageing, inflammatory skin diseases [...]

ULTRAcel Q+ : A Novel Linear HIFU

Join Jeisys for a Global ULTRAcel Q+ webinar to learn more about the World’s fastest HIFU device. Featuring a live demonstration and clinical experiences with KOL, Dr. Do Young Rhee.