Clever Clinic: Saxenda® – New, Repeat and Review


It’s here! Clever Clinic is now offering the NEW Saxenda® tool. Designed specifically to help you conduct and record a consultation based on best practices, it’s easy to add Saxenda® to your clinic with Clever Clinic!

You will learn:

  • How to create a detailed New, Repeat, or Review Saxenda® consultation
  • Record and manage patient BMI (including automatic calculation of 5% weight loss)
  • Gather patient consent in Clever Clinic
  • Email documents to your patient including the option to enrol the patient in our weekly email programme (included FREE)
  • Order Saxenda® using the Direct to Patient service – UK only

Reap the rewards of stress-free compliance with Clever Clinic, the future of patient management.

We would highly recommend having Clever Clinic open on your iPad during the training so you can follow along as we demonstrate features.



Designed as an introduction to Saxenda® and weight management; this course will cover an overview of Saxenda®, patient criteria for treatment, side effects, best practices, and more.  This course is for Doctors, Dentists and Nurse Prescribers in the UK only, who are interested in adding Saxenda® to their practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand what Obesity is and the extent of the problem in the UK
  • To understand different ways to manage Obesity
  • To understand how GLP1-RA works in the treatment of Obesity
  • To understand drug dosages and contraindications
  • To understand how Saxenda® is administered

Note- Only registered UK healthcare professionals may attend this course.