OBSERV® 520x In-Academy Training: Reading 07 Dec 2022 12:00pm – 01:30pm



To learn more and book please email training@healthxchange.com or call Training on 0161 393 2345


This training is perfect for OBSERV device new users, and also for those who wish to build confidence and familiarity with their OBSERV device.

Delivered in academy, during this hands on training session led by Evie Waller, OBSERV UK & Ireland Trainer

You will learn:

  • Importance and benefits of skin analysis
  • How the OBSERV device works
  • How to clean your OBSERV
  • How to set up a scan and position your client
  • How to utilise the different modes and understand the different skin concerns that they demonstrate
  • How to add your products and treatments
  • How to navigate the light modes
  • How to enhance your consultation with split screens (time modes & time lines)
  • How to add your client’s details
  • How to send your consultation report to the client

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OBSERV® 520x In-Academy Training