Menopause and The Science of Ageing Skin: Reading 26 Oct 2023 10:00am – 03:00pm

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Discover the journey the skin goes through during the menopause. Learn about the myriad of changes that occur within the body during the menopause, and how it ultimately affects your skin. An open discussion as to the options available to improve skin health during the peri-menopause and the menopause. Plus an insight into how genetic, endogenous and environmental factors play a complex and multifactorial role in ageing.

Learning Objectives:

Holistic approach to menopausal skin

  • To understand the stages of menopause,  
  • To Understand the Impact of hormonal changes on the skin
  • To discuss HRT ,Bioidentical hormones  and alternative pathways   
  • To identify the appropriate skin care treatments options during the menopause, including skincare, chemical peels and device treatments
  • Learn about the difference between Fitzpatrick skin types in the ageing process
  • Understand the key characteristics of skin ageing and senescence
  • Understand the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic ageing
  • Learn about the impact of stem cells and telomeres in the aging process
  • Explore different treatment options available and how they could be incorporated into your clinic

Course details

  • Duration (in Academy): 5:00 hours.
  • Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of course quiz (score 80% or more).
  • CPD certified.
  • CPD hours (in Academy): 4.00 hours.

Further information

Menopause and The Science of Ageing Skin