Foundation Botulinum Toxin: Manchester 09 Oct 2023 09:30am – 05:30pm


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This is an entry-level course aimed at those looking to begin their aesthetic injectable journey. In this course, practitioners will be taught all the information required to start botulinum toxin safely and effectively in-clinic.

Course requirements

  • UK: Nurses, Doctors & Dentists
  • Ireland: Doctors and Dentists only

Objectives and content

  • The history of Botox®
  • Neurotoxin Pharmacology
  • Dilution and Storage
  • Patient Consultations and treatment options
  • Dealing with complications of treatment
  • Results

Learning outcomes

  • Increase your knowledgeable on the history of Botox
  • Understanding Neurotoxin Pharmacology
  • Understand the dilution and storage process
  • Understand consultations, prescribing and treatment options
  • Be competent on how to deal with complications of treatment and aftercare
  • Understand how to manage expectations and learn how to assess results
  • Learn how to administer practical injection technique and observation

Course details

  • Duration (in Academy): 8:00 hours.
  • Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of course quiz (score 80% or more).
  • CPD certified.
  • CPD hours (in Academy): 3.00 hours.

Further information

Foundation Botulinum Toxin