The Pillars of Aesthetic Injectables – Talk 2: Choosing the Right Products for Your Patients


Course Summary

A beginner’s introduction to consultations in aesthetic practice, including the screening tools used and a product overview. The importance of selecting the right products. Followed by a Q&A and clinical questions.

Overview of content covered:

  • Why the consultation is so important
  • At risk groups – screening tools
  • Types of toxin [for medical prescribers only]
  • Types of fillers
  • How to choose the right products for your patient
  • Morphology of aging
  • Treatment options for ageing patients
  • Dosage

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the aesthetic Consultation
  • To understand the morphology of ageing
  • To understand the types of Toxin [for medical prescribers only]
  • To understand the types of fillers
  • To understand the different types of products used for ageing