8 Point Lip Reshape – Intermediate Dermal Filler Course

Lip augmentation. Cropped sensual female lips while procedure lip augmentation using injections with dermal filler for increase lip fullness

Welcome to the 8 Point Lip Reshape Course. This complimentary On Demand Theory segment is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to achieve good clinical outcomes for your patients. This course is best suited to Healthcare Professionals with limited experience in this area or for those who want to simply refresh their skills.

During the practical element you will learn a combined needle/cannula approach where appropriate to your skill level for treating the lips and peri oral area.

*Only Doctors, Dentists, and Nurses with active registration with their relevant Professional Statutory Regulatory Body may attend this course

Your learning path will consist of:

  • Free online theory tutorial, which you can watch at your convenience.
  • A knowledge assessment to be completed after watching the tutorial.
  • A practical 1:1 2-hour session with an expert trainer at one of our academies. This allows you to learn in a supported and relaxed environment, with bespoke training tailored to your individual needs and experience.

Dates launching soon!

  • Please note: you will need to bring a suitable model to your practical 1:1 2-hour session relevant to your learning needs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Anatomical knowledge
  • Considerations for reducing complications
  • Treatment theory & techniques
  • Product knowledge & placement
  • Injection techniques using needle/cannula
  • Patient assessment & treatment planning
  • Consultation & managing expectations
  • Treatment theory & techniques

Our highly skilled and qualified educators will provide you with full support and first-hand advice throughout your journey to help you gain further skills and confidence.

More information on practical dates coming soon!

Contact the Training Team to express your interest. training@healthxchange.com

Or call: 0161 3932345